Guidelines for In Person Classes

Dancenter welcomes and thanks you for following our guidelines for in-person classes

Dancers should:

  1. Stay home if sick or feeling any symptoms such as a cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, or fever. Please email Dancenter to let us know if you need to miss class.
  2. Wear a mask while waiting in line and when in class.
  3. Line up quietly before class on the orange marks on the sidewalk. Do not come more than 10 minutes early. Very young dancers can line up with their parent.
  4. If taking more than one class, exit from the studio, and re-line up if they have a 15 minute or less break in between classes. For longer breaks, dancers should wait in their parents’ cars, as our waiting room will not be open. The inside studios and waiting room are closed to parents and observers.
  5. Only bring in dance shoes, device (if you have one) & water bottle. Put street shoes in a ziplock bag. Turn phones off and place personal items under the barres on a blue “X.” 
  6. Have temperature taken at the door, and sanitize hands upon entering.
  7. Maintain social distance of 6 feet minimum before, during and after class, and do not touch others.
  8. Arrange to be picked up promptly- our waiting room is not open. Parents should wait in their cars. Enter and exit through the studio door. 
  9. Go to the restroom one at a time. Hands need to be thoroughly washed.
  10. Have fun!

New Videos from our instructors

6-step tutorial for Hip Hop dancers-
Pointe work (to be supplemental to ballet class on Zoom)- First Video: Second Video:
Ballet 3 barre-
Jazz 2 Warm-Up and Choreography (both classes)-
New video for Jazz/Tap-
Hip Hop 2 Choreography-
Mini Hip Hop Choreography-

Links to dance videos from our Teachers

Here are some videos to practice to while you’re at home!

Jazz/Tap for kids under 7-

Pre Dance for kids under 7-

Jazz Warm-up and dance combo-

Tap 1, or review for Tap 2-

Tap 2, 3,4,5, Int-


PBT exercises for Conditioning, Pre Pointe, Pointe, and Ballet dancers-