Links to dance videos from our Teachers

Here are some videos to practice to while you’re at home!

Jazz/Tap for kids under 7-

Pre Dance for kids under 7-

Jazz Warm-up and dance combo-

Tap 1, or review for Tap 2-

Tap 2, 3,4,5, Int-


PBT exercises for Conditioning, Pre Pointe, Pointe, and Ballet dancers-

Dancenter Will Be Closed until further notice

Following the example of our school districts, we will be closed beginning Monday, March 16th through the Shelter in Place order. We will be deep cleaning at that time. We will continue to be vigilant with our cleaning before, during and after classes. If you are sick, please stay home. We also ask that if you can drop off dancers and pick them up promptly, rather than gathering in the waiting room, that would be best.

Hopefully we will all be dancing again as soon as possible.