Sign up for Summer!

Sign up for Summer!

Keep Dancing: Intersession June 22-July 3rd

Online classes for dancers ages 7-adult. Taught by Dancenter Faculty Laurel Shastri, Lila Salhov, and Gina Myer and featuring guest teachers Geri Carlson Sauls, Simon Harrison, Nathan Hirschaut, and Francesca Lee. Tuition is donation based.

5-week Summer Session July 6th-August 8th

Online classes for dancers ages 3-adult, beginning-advanced. Our per-family charge for the entire session will be $50 for one class per week, $100 for 2 classes per week, $150 for 3 classes per week, and $200 for 4 or more classes per week. Again, these charges are for the entire 5 weeks. No one will be denied classes if unable to pay, please communicate with us if you need assistance.


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New Videos from our instructors

6-step tutorial for Hip Hop dancers-
Pointe work (to be supplemental to ballet class on Zoom)- First Video: Second Video:
Ballet 3 barre-
Jazz 2 Warm-Up and Choreography (both classes)-
New video for Jazz/Tap-
Hip Hop 2 Choreography-
Mini Hip Hop Choreography-